Jennifer Ivanovic

I tell stories in paint. During my twenty plus-year development as artist, I studied how to have conversations that facilitate understanding. I make dialogues that lead to truly seeing someone else’s point of view. I strive to inspire a personal dialogue and challenging viewers to examine their own prejudices. I ask myself how art can be relevant to anyone in our world today, but if you can lead viewers to make the leap between the circumstances of the art and the circumstances of their own lives, that’s when you’re onto some answers that count.

My art is known for inventive techniques and unconventional use of acrylic paint. Colorful paintings emerge from my unique pouring and “blowing” method. Ivanovic’s pouring process captures and collaborates with the force of nature – gravity. Her painting process starts with both highly premeditated and spontaneous pouring of several gallons of paint producing shocking and unexpected results. Her art celebrates insightful metaphors with a devotion to the lusciousness of paint.

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