Hyatt Place Pena Station

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Enjoy comfort and convenience near the Denver International Airport (DIA). Hotel guests can take advantage of this convenient location and easily explore the Mile High City during their stay. Situated on Denver’s Light Rail system, making it easy for travelers to navigate to nearby attractions, downtown Denver and beyond.

Hyatt Place is part of Peña Station NEXT, a transit-oriented, mixed-use development adjacent to DIA Airport. Embodying and delivering advanced technology, a robust fiber backbone, a unique sense of community, clean energy and mobility; Peña Station NEXT is modeled after renowned “smart city” concepts around the world, such as Fujisawa, Japan.  The 382-acre, $500 million project is slated to offer 1.5 million square feet of commercial space, 500,000 square feet for retail outlets and 2,500 residences.


226 Spacious Guestrooms

with separate spaces to sleep, work and play

Large Active Bar

with a revolving wall to open to exterior elements, featuring premium beers, wines and cocktails

24/7 Gallery Menu & Market

serving freshly prepared meals anytime, day or night

Gallery Kitchen Breakfast

available daily, featuring hot breakfast items, fresh fruit, steel cut oatmeal, Greek yogurt and more

Full-Service Coffee Bar

located in lobby

Relaxing Library & Business Center

offering interactive and curated art collections

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Dave Johnstone
CIO of Hospitality

Jason Newcomer
VP of Development Hospitality