Stone Creek

Northern Colorado | Master Planned Communities

As a true mixed-use development, Van de Water needed to merge a variety of property types including duplexes, town homes, condominiums, single-family residential, light industrial, retail, and public facilities with a nearby church, school, parks and trails. Getting all of these elements to flow as part of an attractive residential community-so all elements within the community integrate with each other as well as with the surrounding community-created a challenge that the McWhinney team was particularly well-equipped to solve.

Partners: RCI and Parkside Homes

The McWhinney Design Review Committee worked with the city and builder evaluating flow across the site and coordinating all aspects of architecture, planning, engineering and sustainability.

Abundant pedestrian trails link residences, parks, a school and a church with each other and with the city trail system, physically connecting Van de Water to the larger community.

Buffer zones were created to ease transitions between industrial, residential and commercial locations, both within the site and with adjacent offsite properties.