As a diverse real estate development company, our passion is creating great places for people. From our 25 years of development experience we’ve learned that the most vibrant built environments are characterized by a robust mix of land uses, inspiring design and outstanding place making. These gathering places are carefully designed and focused to attract a diverse population, build a sense of community, craft memorable experiences and elicit a sense of wonder from local residents, guests and visitors.

To ensure each mixed-use project we develop results in a unique community gathering place that ultimately becomes a cherished part of the local community, we dedicate ourselves to infusing the following key elements into each of our projects:

  • A carefully curated mix of the right uses, tenants and users
  • A profound commitment to quality of design at all levels, including public art, public realm, landscapes, and buildings
  • A development plan and design for each project that is distinctly rooted in its unique location, context, and culture
  • Integrated amenities that support all phases of life
  • Strategically leveraged partnerships with local public agencies, development partners, and advisors
  • A focus on achieving and maintaining local support through extensive community outreach and involvement
  • Stewardship of the environment through sustainable design, development, and construction practices
  • A commitment to economic success for both the local community and the project’s investors