Community Involvement

Transforming Communities.

We all have a duty today to make a difference that will impact tomorrow

Giving back to our communities is our way of life. Our mission is to build a better world by committing our time and resources to positively impact the places where we live, work and play.

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Community Giveback

We give, advocate, educate, and care.

We’re accountable to our communities and our planet, and lead with our partners in environmental responsibility. We aim to enrich lives through the shared efforts of our community, associates, and partners by donating our time, giving back, paying it forward, and sharing our expertise.



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Sustainability Commitment & Practices.
It takes a community.

Our purpose is to build a world of possibilities, and essential to that is ensuring the possibility of a thriving tomorrow. We’re committed to building sustainable communities that thrive in both the built and natural environments. More than places to live, work, and play, McWhinney communities are designed to connect people to nature and each other while protecting important habitat and wildlife corridors.

Our partnership with High Plains Environmental Center (HPEC), a not-for-profit organization responsible for protecting 275 acres of Centerra’s lakes, wetlands and open space, has allowed HPEC to offer educational programs for community members to maintain and manage ongoing sustainable design.

At McWhinney, we believe that everyone has a responsibility to do their part to ensure the possibility of a thriving tomorrow. We do our part by leading a path towards sustainability by continuously improving waste reduction and energy use, and in utilizing more sustainable building practices.

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