Ball for the Wall

Elizabeth Hotel | Northern Colorado

Installation Information

Concentrating on printmaking and sculpture, Gilhooly earned her MFA from Colorado State University in 1989. She says of her work, “ I work on wood because I’m interested in the surface and layers of a painting. I was trained as a printmaker, with a strong background in drawing. Line is an important element in my work. I start with layers of paint on wood panels and build a rich active surface before a composition evolves. I carve linear patterns into the wood surface. I work intuitively as I apply paint with brushes and cards; or remove layers with sandpaper, Windex, or carving. I’m drawn to certain ingredients such as layers, botanical, towers, maps, circles, and pattern. Circles have been with me the longest, since graduate school, so for over 20 years.”


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Size and Materials: 4"H