Container Ship

Hyatt Place Boston | Boston

Installation Information

The feature lobby sculpture is inspired by the history of the Seaport District. It is designed to represent a deconstructed container ship, with each of the deck plans printed on the fabric. Hanging from the ceiling, the sculpture is 18’ high and 13’ long. Each layer is slightly turned to creating a turning, spiral motion. As visitors walk up the stairs, they will be able to see the sculpture from several different angles, allowing an ever-changing viewing experience. The caro ship sculpture is also a celebration of craftsmanship. The frame is created with aluminum tubing. Each layer is custom printed and stretched around the frame by hand. The fabric is durable but delicate, which allows the layers to be semi-transparent. This makes the large-scale sculpture appear to be floating in the air, light and elegant.


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Size and Materials: 18’ H x ‘5W x 13’ L