Dark Streets

Dairy Block | Metro Denver

Installation Information

Evan Hecox is a multidisciplinary artist and designer. His work for the past two decades has included drawing, painting and printmaking as well as graphic design and illustration. Media of the work extends from small drawings to gallery installations and large wall murals. Much of his work takes inspiration from travel with imagery that ranges from major cities to remote desert scenes all of which is united by a keen eye for the mood and feeling of a particular place and moment in time. The work often reveals an underlying beauty locked within subject matter that would normally be overlooked or regarded as ugly.  Mundane objects like bicycles, power lines or grocery carts take on new life as intricate line drawings. Urban scenes are filtered with an eye for abstraction, reducing down the scenes into simple shapes and colors, at times distilled to pure abstract works or typographic interpretations of the world he sees. Exploring human existence both from how we affect our environment and also how it affects us. His view of the world explores the constant, organic change that occurs both in cities and in the natural world. He has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States as well as the Europe, Australia and Japan and Hong Kong.