Disco River

Dairy Block | Metro Denver

Installation Information

With a longing for the ethereal and an acute eye on culture's periphery, filmmaker, videographer and artist Chris Bagley melds light and color to produce dreamy visual scares. Admiration for "Wesley Willis's Joyrides,“ a 2008 documentary film of revered Chicago cult musician, won co-director Bagley the Chicago International Film Festival's prestigious Gold Hugo, launched him into the spotlight of Westword's 100 Creative Artists, and onto the distinguished walls of the Clyfford Still Museum and RiNo's Rule Gallery as well as City O’ City. His video work includes "Fringe Art of the Front Range" displayed at Denver International Airport, a Colorado Public Television short of Denver's roadside attraction restaurant Casa Bonita, and disco ball refracted, colorful light infused music videos for underground rap group, Wheelchair Sport's Camp. In his art installations "Infinity Loop", "Moving Mona" and "World Builder" series, colorful mirror image projection and backlit lenticular prints are a kaleidoscopic impression of reality, bordering on the hallucinogenic.