Dairy Block | Metro Denver

Installation Information

Although subjects of her paintings are representational, the value in her depictions is nonmaterial as the works are about memory and place. When memory is no longer intact, how do you recognize home? This is the question the artist asks herself while creating. Because of the inherent nostalgia of the subject matter, Jill is aggressively unsentimental in execution. Using relief printmaking, she is essentially drawing with an X-Acto knife. By cutting, inking and printing quickly, the images acquire a direct and urgent quality. The thread throughout Hooper’s work is her unique and characteristic style with languorous surface qualities that beg the viewer to linger. In Hooper’s work, new meaning is given to the term pentimento, the artist’s repentant state, through a reductive method of scraping and cutting shapes.


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Size and Materials: 48”h x 48”w