Erosion Scar ; Flight of Birds #4 ; Geese ; Jet Trail 6 ; Three Clouds and a Jet Trail

Union Station |

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"My approach to photographing on the plains of eastern Colorado can be summed up in two words: I drive. Driving on the plains affords great contemplation and I often find myself in a sort of Zen-like trance. More than once I’ve 'awakened' to the realization that I have no idea where I am. There are certain areas I return to over time due somewhat to proximity, but I also believe that it is simply because I like those places. It feels good to be there. It is an indescribable feeling to be 'floating' through that space of the plains. I wish that I could take everyone to these places to see – really see – what I see. The 'Plains' series provide a window to this sense of awe." -Photographer Kevin O'Connell. He is represented locally by Robischon Gallery.