Musical Churns

Dairy Block | Metro Denver

Installation Information

Woven throughout the Dairy Block Alley, visitors will experience Nikki Pike’s interactive sculptural installation. Guests are invited to engage the bronze cast butter churns in recognition of the site’s origination, Windsor Farms Dairy. Synchronized throughout the installation and meshing the butter churns' time past with today’s technology, Musical Churns incorporates musical compositions together with choreographed LED performances to engage and guide viewers in their own magical exploration of the Alley. Musical Churns was created in partnership with Engineer, Thomas Dodds. And perhaps the most spectacular component, the aural delight was composed by Colorado Symphony Musician’s: Justin Bartels, Courtney Hershey Bress, William Hill, Ben Odhner, Kolio Plachkov, Nicholas Recuber, and John Sipher.