The Quantifiable and The Innefable

Dairy Block | Metro Denver

Installation Information

Quality. Craftsmanship. Opportunities to find the unexpected. The Dairy Block is all about a celebration of “the maker”. Thus, in creating a sculpture for Dairy Block, Andrew felt it worthwhile to hearken back in spirit to one of the fathers of the American craft movement, the woodworker, architect, and furniture maker George Nakashima, whose work was once described as “quantifiable yet ineffable”. Anyone who’s ever beheld or touched Nakashima’s work or read “The Soul of a Tree” will attest that the master woodworker and philosopher’s reverence for the handcrafted was only surpassed by a more intimate connection with the wood itself - not just for the material, solid and beautiful, but for the life within. His suspended piece in the lobby of the Maven Hotel, titled The Quantifiable and The Ineffable, similarly upholds a regard for the craft and artistry of the past; the connection, via head, heart, and hand, that can only occur when one is intently present; yet while reaching, both without and within, for the possibility, the opportunity to find the unexpected.


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Size and Materials: 10’ wide