Dairy Block | Metro Denver

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Ray Rinaldi, local art critic for the Denver Post, writes about Diego’s work: “Rodriguez-Warner, just a few years out of the master’s program at the Rhode Island School of Design, is of a generation that puts ideas first and media second. Young artists multi-task by nature now, simultaneously working in acrylics, photography, film, graphic design, concept and performance.” Rinaldi sees Diego’s paintings as “intricate murals, Mexican-style inventions that weave ideas and entwine multiple figurative images in brilliant colors. He’s keen on art history and pop culture, so you see in the works references to Matisse, Picasso and Asian watercolors but also to Disney, Japanese anime, urban street art, superheroes and maybe some Internet porn. He is, so purely a product of his era.”


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Size and Materials: 8' H x 16 'W - mixed media on birch panels