David Mayhew

Timothy David Mayhew’s approach to the creation of art stems from ideas of the philosopher and humanist, Marcus Tullius Cicero, who was one of the most versatile minds of classical Roman culture.  Cicero said that, “Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.”

Thus, Mayhew has found that the very essential component of his artwork involves taking frequent forays into natural environments to allow him to study the landscape, and the elegant creatures that inhabit them.  While there, he will gather invaluable information, such as drawings, sketches, and en plein air landscape oil paintings, all of which help him to understand and internalize his experiences.  Although this approach is time-consuming, he is convinced that these forays into the backcountry are necessary for the direct observation, investigation, and understanding of nature. He once tracked and studied a trio of moose for three days through the Tetons, and yes, to him it is that important. Mayhew finds that spending so much time in quiet study of wildlife eventually puts them at ease and the reward is that they will often display some very unique and interesting activities, behaviors which are often missed by less-patient individuals. As an added benefit, he finds that his time spent communing with nature energizes him and gives birth to his artistic passion, the ephemeral muse that inspires his artistic process.

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