Doug Sink

Doug’s sculpture examines the relationship between human and object, memory and intention. Using materials of an age passed coupled with methods of simplicity and elegance, he invokes a sense of the modern relic. He use symbols and forms that allude to technological advancements of the past which have led us to the time and place in which we currently find ourselves. These objects that we use to influence, measure, and capture our environment speak to our nature as human beings.

The newly imagined objects that he creates ask questions about the origins and intentions of us as a culture: what do we do? Why? By presenting the possibilities of alternative modes of being through objects that are informed by the technology we depend upon, he hopes to cultivate a dialogue between the viewer of his work and the object itself. This dialogue encourages an imagination and subtlety that, if fostered and allowed to grow, balances brutishness with subtlety, force with receptivity.

Doug’s essential practice is that of combining materials. Starting with found or raw materials, he uses simple methods such as binding, cutting, reshaping and balancing to combine these elements, allowing material and form to exist in harmony while giving way to imaginative possibilities throughout the whole. He feels that this points to a philosophy of making that runs counter to our current living system that often values power of sensitivity. He seeks to balance the receptive awareness that comes with cognizance of a material with the force necessary to realize the construction of a piece.

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