Jennifer Davey

Shattered myths, memory, trauma, violence, loss, anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts. What lies underneath these qualities of modern life? How are they held physically in the body, in our words, and in family systems? What is our emotional inheritance? How do these experiences impact our ability to be free and whole?

Searching for the answers to these questions inspire my paintings. I am fascinated by the incredibly sophisticated workings of the body. Through painting, I aim to pry underneath the surface of our rational mind, and to look for wisdom held in our first language-visual language. The physical act of painting, as well as its final form, captures the energetic nature of thoughts, emotions and experiences, providing a tangible and non-moving surface for contemplation. My goal is to metabolize difficult emotional states, tangled histories, and distorted memories, into a more clear, open and free state of being. My focus is on the liberation of the human spirit.

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