Johnny Plastini

Instinct, intuition and empathetic response-ability are not unintelligent modes of operation. These mechanisms appreciate exponentially in value as our digitized existence becomes increasingly automated. The architecture that allows us to remember is the same architecture that enables us to predict. Architecture is a term that Johnny evaluates philosophically from the standpoint of an artist and researcher who is deeply engaged with specific physical materials and catalytic processes. He advocates for the multiplicity of agents participating with human-derived systems of logic and encourage others to analyze these architectures together, holistically, as expansive models for discovering new cultural ecologies. Printmaking enables the translation of various structural archetypes from their origins into ample evolutionary forms and innovative variations. While the ‘id’ may conjure the idea, or the ego may negotiate a particular vocalization, various materials and processes often regulate the work and communicate non-verbally. The constant reevaluation of this complex relationship is a major conceptual and metaphysical underpinning to the work, requiring patience, dedication, and trust through undoubted failure.

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