Jonathan Lamb (LKMNDD)

We’ve helped brands like Verizon, Icelantic Skis and Starbucks as well as advertising firms, music festivals and real estate developers harness the power of art. Need murals for multiple city blocks? Require a live artist demo? Want to kick up some kicks with custom art? Done, done and done. There’s no project too big or too small.

Our reach extends across North America and into the Caribbean and Europe. We’ve worked with artists the world over including The London Police, Mr. June and Chad Hasegawa among others as well as those right here in our own backyard including Max Kauffman, Thomas “Detour” Evans, John Fellows and Gemma Danielle. Our extensive network of street and fine artists has taken us from Bob Marley’s Mausoleum in Jamaica to the Hidden Streets of East London and back again.

Husband-and-wife duo Jonathan and Lindsey Lamb spearhead LKMNDD in addition to making art together under the moniker Lindz and Lamb.

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