Lori Bunton

hOOp dOg studiO came together in 2001 when Lori Buntin & Cathryn Simmons teamed up to start The Big Experiment. You know, the eternal question: “Can you actually make a living doing what you like to do?”

We still don’t know. And some months it gets really scary, but we are determined to keep trying until we get it right. Failure is just temporary – but then Everything Is Temporary (Cathryn’s motto).

The Big Experiment is about our life. Living and working where we love it and working at what we love (mostly): hanging out with our families and our friends.

So we began creating stuff to sell. Lori painted and ‘invented’ dog chairs. Cathryn began to make jewelry and photo frames by hand. We looked for a place to buy – within the budget – which took a while, because realtors laughed at the budget figure. Cathryn drove the streets of Kansas City looking for property – finding the price on it and driving more!

We didn’t exactly overlook the problems – we just thought we’d be able to overcome them. And we have – but, What A Learning Experience.

We ended up with two buildings – another story – and then, in two years two adjoining lots, we couldn’t STOP!!!!

We are constantly Under Construction. Constantly starting new property projects. Like the organic garden in 2006. Opening the gallery in 2007.

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