Maria Hettinga

I work in the field of printmaking.  Unlike most traditional printmakers who make an edition of nearly identical copies of one image, I use the printing press to create one-of-a-kind works of art.  These unique images are classified as monoprints and monotypes.

In my work I employ a personal graphic lexicon, mixing and matching visual elements as if they were parts of speech.  I arrange and rearrange lines, shapes, colors, textures, and/or appropriated images, observing how they interact with each other.  My visual vocabulary includes scribbled lines, erasure marks, dancing bodies, creeping dendrites, snaking rivers, eroding landscapes, jagged horizons, gradated colors such as those found in a sunset/sunrise, unblended brayer marks, layered color fields, porous textiles such as lace and mosquito netting, fragile yet hearty threads and swaths of silk, and woven strips of maps and various ephemera.

Images that suggest flow, permeability, erosion/deposition, attraction/repulsion, separation, longing, the passage of time, nostalgia, and continuance call to me.   I’m curious to discover what emotions, meanings, and/or narratives imagery generates in me and in other viewers, and the conversations that result.  (I welcome communication. Feel free to leave a comment via the contact page.)

I have bachelor degrees in English and Spanish from Westmont College and a master of fine arts degree with emphasis in printmaking from Colorado State University.

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