Mark Leichliter

Mark was born in Loveland, Colorado and now resides in Fort Collins. The natural beauty of the Colorado region was instrumental in his aesthetic development. The language of the land and its features has guided Mark toward sculpture as his means of artistic expression.

He discovered the love of art in high school, having been exposed to advanced creative concepts through a self-developed independent study program. He grew up surrounded by construction tools and forms as his father, uncle, and grandfather built custom homes throughout Northern Colorado. This upbringing influenced Mark’s understanding of building and the value of craftsmanship. He spent a few years working for my dad’s company, learning how to read blueprints and use the various tools of the trade.

He eventually coupled his love of art and construction into sculpture by working for well-known sculptors in Loveland’s bronze industry. He learned welding, metal finishing, mold-making and the enlargement of small models into monumental scale artworks. During that time, Mark also cast his own bronze sculpture and explored the subtractive sculpting methods of stone and wood carving. An injury caused him to turn to the computer and 3D modeling software which has enabled him to create an enormous variety of fabricated forms achievable in a vast assortment of materials. For the past twelve years, he has specialized in large-scale public works that include collaborations with architects, landscape architects, engineers, designers and a host of city planners and officials. These ‘team’ efforts have been the most rewarding part of his career.

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