Meredith Feniak

A preference for natural materials such as pure pigments, precious elements, and organic substrates often results in a refreshing, limited palette. Meredith’s fine art and installations can be found across the United States, her work has been exhibited by the Denver Art Museum and Center for Visual Art, and written about extensively throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Her collaborative work, notably “We Were Wild”, has also garnered praise from critics and museums. Meredith’s collaborative work provides an opportunity to showcase her mastery of color usually reserved for her illustration practice, achieved through formal training in classical botanical illustration. Out of the studio, Meredith has worked as a guest artist teaching in the Denver School of the Arts, Denver Botanic Gardens, and in international workshops.

Acknowledging the impossibility of truly understanding other forms of life, based in the belief of an implicit anthropological bias in viewing the natural world, guides Meredith’s artistic explorations.

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