Michael Ortiz (ILLSON)

Michael spent several years developing skills in the printing industry from screen printer, sign maker, designer to art director. With a thirst for knowledge to push his own art and ideas further and bigger, Michael learned a plethora of digital and mechanical skills in industrial print shops, sign shops, and screen print shops throughout the front range of Colorado and in the long run learned team building skills, client relations and business management which would lead to a large number of successful projects.

He started applying all of these skills to his own creative endeavors and Michael took it one step further and began a partnership and was co-owner of Like Minded Productions (LKMNDD) in Denver, CO. In 2018 after more than a decade of art direction, public artwork  and innovative, large scale art productions for and with LKMNDD Michael decided his work with the company was complete and to continue pursuing his own artistic endeavors. You can see more of the projects Michael is currently producing on Instagram @illson. Michael thanks you and appreciates your support and will continue to work hard at providing our community and society with a sense of wonderment and  innovation to help fuel the ideas of everyone.

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