Molly Bounds

Molly Bounds is a printmaker and illustrator living in Denver. Her prints explore how power, authority, and the structural training of doubt can  undermine those who lack agency in determining their futures. Influenced by aesthetics and narrative sequencing within alternative comics  and zine culture, she aims to emulate others who have used zines as a forum of dissemination of subjective experience, in order to voice  stories which are rarely shared in normative culture.

“Molly Bound’s site-specific installation, Panes: A Study In Movement, presents a narrative that the artist has constructed, broken apart, and  rearranged on the gallery walls. These canvases, murals, and drawings feature the same anonymous female figure in various poses. Read  separately or in sequence, the images suggest the passage of time or movement. In them, Bounds explores the nuances of depicting figures in  stasis and in motion, while also demonstrating how the background, picture plane, or cropping can determine how a body is read. A canvas can  become confining, for example, and a wall liberating. The ambiguity of Bounds’ narrative allows the audience to imagine multiple scenarios

with each viewing.”

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