Ren Burke

Todays art language is such a wide-ranging mix of what has come before, whether from visual art movements or various aspects of our popular culture. For that reason applying broad labels can be very misleading. My own work is difficult to classify. I am influenced by the works of Franz Marc, Egon Schiele and Georgia O Keefe, but I am also drawn to the work of underground illustrators, cartoonists and graffiti artists. My formal art education focused on painting and drawing, but I have also sculpted both in the round and as a relief artist. My experience as a patina artist in the bronze art industry has allowed me to mix the two-dimensional aspect of painting with the three-dimensions of sculpture. However, the constant premise of my artwork is the subject matter.

Animals have always found their way into my art. My earlier academic interest in biology, zoology and the natural world has translated into my current aesthetic language. I try to portray my animal subjects with a sense of humor, but without demeaning them. I tend to paint with vibrant, fauvist color, however my intention is to remain true to the spirit of my subject. The rawness and honesty of nature is refreshing to me.

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