Sandra Clark

Welcome to my website! At first glance it may seem a bit disjointed, but as you get to know me you will see that it all makes perfect sense.

I have been surrounded by creativity my entire life. My dad had hobbies that he would involve me in for as long as I can remember. From him I learned needle point, string art (this was the 70s), stained glass, wood turning, and even the basics of silversmithing. These were things that he did to keep himself busy after work or when I visited on the weekends. My mom sought ways to support my brother and I with her endless stream of talents. From her not only did I learn to decorate cakes, create just about anything from chocolate, design with flowers, crochet, and sew, but I learned that I could turn my passions into my livelihood.

Like many creatives, my mind doesn’t seem to stop. It’s like that dang Energizer Bunny! And my ideas don’t follow any particular model. I am always thinking about the next art project or nail design. But sometimes my brain starts designing a more efficient version of a random product, envisioning teaching videos I could create, or even developing new business ideas. These tangents may not be realized, but they do serve to enhance my true projects.

I also get very excited about learning new things. I’m always on the hunt for new techniques or information to solve life’s daily obstacles. Then my brain takes all of these bits of knowledge and mushes them together— and this is how we end up with a tie-dying fine artist that does nails!?

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