The 10 Coolest Hotel Jobs Ever

June 13, 2016 Posted In

You may want to quit your job after reading this list.

When you think of a job in the hotel industry, a bellboy or concierge typically comes to mind. But, as properties seek to one-up each other in terms of offerings new career paths are being forged in the hospitality industry. In fact, travel employment increased for the tenth month in a row in April, adding 4,000 jobs overall according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is making way for people to take their particular interests or hobbies and turn them into full-fledged livelihoods.
There’s literally something for everyone. Are you an avid bird watcher on weekends? The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino has an onsite bird whisperer. If you’re the friend that always plans the parties, then perhaps you could be a bachelorette concierge like the one at Thompson Playa del Carmen.
From magical wizards to a graffiti concierge, here are the top 10 most alluring jobs in the hospitality industry.
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