The 11 Most Beautiful Train Stations Across America

March 3, 2015 Posted In

Written by: Chloe Pantazi

Unless you’re a big fan of Cinnabon or creepy flash mobs (or, well, trains!), killing time at the train station usually isn’t a lot of fun. Usually.
There are, however, some stations that are so beautiful, so historic, so straight-up cool that you’re more than happy to get stuck, if only to wander around for a bit and pretend you’re Eliot Ness trying to take down Al Capone.
From marble pillars to multicolored skylights, here are 11 such stations.
Denver Union Station – Denver, CO
Union Station, like Uma Thurman, may have undergone a few nips and tucks recently, but that hasn’t compromised its Beaux Arts facade, which was built in 1914. Today, the station’s most striking features include its exposed Train Hall (made of 11 steel arches), a 112-room boutique hotel, a slew of restaurants, shops, and bars, and over 600 works of art on display throughout. And if that’s not enough, there’s even a 22-gate underground bus concourse lit by skylights. Okay, that was probably enough.

10 Other Beautiful Train Stations Listed:

Cincinnati Union Terminal – Cincinnati, OH
Los Angeles Union Station – Los Angeles, CA
Chicago Union Station – Chicago, IL
Main Street Station – Richmond, VA
Baltimore Penn Station – Baltimore, MD
30th Street Station – Philadelphia, PA
Union Station – Washington D.C.
Grand Central Terminal – New York, NY
Utica Union Station – Utica, NY
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