15 Best Hotels in Denver

November 21, 2018 Posted In

Written by Megan Barber, Conde Nast Traveler

At first glance, newcomers to Denver will notice the picturesque Rocky Mountains, sparkling high-rises, and then something they might not expect: cranes. Over the past few years, tall cranes have risen out of nearly every part of the city—from downtown to Cherry Creek—many of them building new hotels. Meanwhile, the hotels built before 2015 have invested in pricey renovations, revamping lobbies, freshening guest rooms, and expanding already robust amenities. The result? The Denver hotel scene is new and shiny, full of panoramic rooftop bars and Instagrammable artwork. The historic properties remain, too, including a hotel with the first elevator ever built west of the Mississippi. But even Denver’s hotels from the 1890s combine nostalgic charm with modern luxuries. From chic name brands to independent boutiques, Denver hotels are on par with cities twice its size; here, our 15 favorite places to stay in Denver.

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