Best Time to Visit Denver, Colorado, Weather & Other Travel Tips

September 19, 2018 Posted In


There really is no bad time of year to visit Denver. The city has more sunny days than Miami – 300 a year – and its mile high altitude makes summers pleasantly warm with cool nights. Winters are mild with average highs of 45 degrees which allows golf courses and outdoor cafes stay open year around. No matter what season you decide to visit, there is no shortage of activities to take part in.

Best time to visit Denver for avid skiers is between late November and the end of March, while the best time to visit Denver for hikers, river rafters or mountain bikers is between May and October. The best time also means the busiest time, so if you prefer to avoid crowds and high full season prices, aim for the ‘shoulder seasons’ which are April-May and September-October.

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