Centerra Loveland Mobility Hub leads way for public transit, with opportunity for more in reach

September 27, 2021 Posted In

Guest Commentary: Loveland Reporter-Herald

By Kim Perry and Heather Paddock

CDOT, with the support of the Centerra Metro District and the Loveland community, is bringing the state’s first mobility hub to Loveland, at I-25 between the U.S. 34 and Crossroads interchanges. Named the Centerra Loveland Station, the project will allow for stronger connections between our Northern Colorado communities and the growing Front Range.

The project is on track to open by late 2023 and will replace the current Loveland-Greeley Park & Ride station. Its design features the state’s first protected bus slips in the middle of I-25 with a tunnel connecting riders to and from the bus platform, saving 15 minutes from the Bustang’s commute. With the likelihood of growing congestion along the Front Range, the design of the mobility hub lays the groundwork for the region’s success.

CDOT is providing $12.4 million for the station design and basic construction, and the Centerra Metro District has invested $8.4 million into the project and surrounding infrastructure improvements. The current design will deliver a high-functioning station for our community, and our teams have been proud to partner on the project for nearly four years. This project is a testament to the power of what can be achieved with CDOT, the city and local metro district partnerships.

Being proactive about our region’s infrastructure by building for the future allows our market to get ahead of traffic issues. Alongside the mobility hub, the Centerra Metro District is focusing on its larger infrastructure picture to build local roads that benefit the entire community, such as connecting Kendall Parkway to U.S. 34, to take pressure off the north and south interchanges and postpone the need for further improvements on these intersections.

Loveland City Councilor and Mayor Pro Tem Don Overcash has been instrumental in his support of the station and infrastructure improvements. We support his vision that this project is a tribute to what Loveland can achieve when we bring our public and community leaders together. In addition, heightening accessibility and use of public transit is a key issue for our region.

Infrastructure is the backbone to successful economic development.

Along with the environmental benefits, access to reliable, cost-effective public transit is a key component of affordable living, which has become increasingly important to the Northern Colorado region as we continue to see tremendous growth. This project will support the growth of Colorado’s economy, and perhaps more importantly, cultivate our local and state communities. Through the Centerra Loveland Station, we can ensure that our economy connects professionals and families between Northern Colorado and Denver for work and play. This project is creating a blueprint for similar initiatives around the state and the country.

However, we are not done. We are working together to develop a larger vision for the station with project enhancements that elevate the mobility hub into a destination that the community wants to connect with, similar to the revitalization of Denver Union Station. This project can bring a world-class experience to Northern Colorado and show the entire state the possibilities for public transport of the future. This vision can transform the project with added amenities like an outdoor plaza for a coffee truck, EV charging stations, tasteful landscaping, and artwork plus added interior lighting in the tunnel.

But bringing this enhanced vision to life will require help raising an additional $3.4 million in funding. We see this as an opportunity to involve the surrounding communities — from Fort Collins to Windsor, Johnstown, Greeley and beyond — to engage and add their touch to the project, and to strengthen the region. Additional funding to create an enhanced mobility hub will allow us to elevate the transit experience and attract untapped ridership, and we welcome collaboration with likeminded leaders who embrace the project’s vision and full potential.

CDOT and the Centerra Metro District look forward to sharing this project with the community, as a public good that helps propel Northern Colorado forward.

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