Construction at Bustling Interchange Nears Completion

December 21, 2010 Posted In

By Maria Servold – Loveland Connection

Construction is nearing completion at Interstate 25 and U.S. Highway 34, city of Loveland Project Manager Frank Hempen said.
On Sunday, crews closed the northbound exit from I-25 onto Highway 34 to complete part of the construction.
“It went pretty well,” Hempen said. “It was a little slow going because it was night work and we did have some issues with backup on the northbound off ramp, but we got the traffic people in and they worked with our timing a little bit.”
For several days, crews have been installing decorative arches on the Highway 34 bridge over I- 25, the installation of which should be completed by end of January, Hempen said.
Aside from a few small details that need to be completed, like removing temporary pavement and finishing installing permanent signs and guardrails, the interchange restructuring is basically complete, he said.
Decorative greenery won’t be added to the interchange until the spring.
“We’ve had some input about the (construction), and that it’s a much safer interchange,” Hempen said.
However, some motorists have complained about the reduced speed zone in the construction area.
“That is all about safety and we just prefer to have reduced speed limits all the time,” he said.
The unseasonably warm weather in Northern Colorado has helped allow construction crews to finish the interchange on time and without many setbacks, Hempen said.
Crews will take a break around Christmas, but will finish the project, minus landscaping, in January.

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