Happy Fourth of July week!  And Happy Birthday America, the country I LOVE!

We had a very low key July fourth.  Last minute hot dogs on the grill in the back yard, late evening neighborhood scootering and watching fireworks at a nearby golf course. Simple and sweet.

On July third, we decided to head downtown and check out the new Dairy Block Milk Market.  We went just before dinnertime. While we scooted around the interactive alleyway, the girls had a blast lighting it up, and rotating giant gears to make music echo down the block, and giving the girls proper introductions to the game of Corn Hole by tossing bean bags until we worked up an appetite for gelato!  Baba got his favorite, pistachio, Remy got her classic chocolate, I got my favorite mint chocolate chip, and Arlo got the bluest, BLUE, Cookie Monster flaveor which was actually really yummy!  I want to go back for the Bonnano Fosters flavor, play on words as the Denver chef behind the newest Denver foodie hall IS Frank Bonanno!

Dairy Block’s name comes from its history as being Denver’s cornerstone creamery, Windsor Dairy dating back to the late 1800’s.  As a Colorado native, while I am skeptical and resistant to the explosive growth Denver has experienced these last few years, I am also excited and proud and happy to be able to live in this incredible city that is evolving in ways we never could have imagined.  My husband and I find ourselves saying out loud, “WHERE was all this when…we were young and single?!”  BUT, you know what, it’s pretty amazing to experience as a young family too!  What at a time to be a Denverite!  Our girls are so lucky to grow up here and experience all of this firsthand.  Some day they will look back and see how they were here from the beginning of Denver’s shift in identity.  The buildings will get higher, the streets more crowded, but with that, more artists, more shows, more attractions, more events, more entertainment, more FOOD!

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