Denver Artists Working To Create Art From Portraits

May 25, 2018 Posted In

Written by Jeff Todd, CBS 4 Denver

Through a series of lucky numbers, two Denver artists are doing something different and hoping to spread love and joy in the process.

Jonathan Saiz and Wes Magyar are hoping to make 7,000 portraits over the next few months.

“The subject matter, it’s joyful, it’s puppies and babies and laughter,” said Saiz.

Both Saiz and Magyar are accomplished and well recognized in the Denver Art scene and regularly sell work for tens of thousands of dollars.

“Collectively I think this is going to be the most meaningful thing I’ve ever done,” said Magyar. “Showing our commonalities and joyful pictures.”

The 7,000 Reasons project consists of seven-inch square portraits of one subject and only cost $143, a play off of the number of letters in the phrase “I love you.”

“Once people realize they’re not just getting a caricature they’re getting a real professional oil painting they realize it’s a good opportunity to start collecting art,” Saiz said.

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