In Denver, You Can Now Take a Train From the Airport to Downtown

June 1, 2016 Posted In

Written by: Kristy Cartier

There’s a new way to get from Denver’s airport to downtown: the University of Colorado A Line, which opened in April. When I rode it, I enjoyed how easy it was to get a ticket and connect to other transit lines downtown. I’m a little worried about long ticket lines and a confusing name, though.
The A Line runs 23 at-grade miles to Union Station (near Coors Field, where the Colorado Rockies play), with a expected to leave the airport about every 15 minutes. While it’s named after the University of Colorado, that’s just a business partnership; none of the line’s eight stops has a University of Colorado campus nearby (that I could tell).
The line connects to other operating light rail lines (streetcars with overhead wires) and bus systems, such as the 16th Street Mall bus (which will take you farther into downtown Denver). Two new commuter rail lines are expected to open later this year. As the RTD (Regional Transportation District) website states, “this is all part of FasTracks, a multi-billion dollar voter-approved transit expansion plan bringing you more transportation options than ever before.”
A day pass for the A Line is $9. Compare that to an average $74 taxi or $33 Uber (what I paid to ride from downtown back to the airport), and this option is the clear winner when it comes to price.
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