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Accommodations are catching up with what the Mile High City has to offer. In fact, a sort of hotel revolution is about to begin in Denver.
“Everyone thinks their own city is brilliant; it’s what other people think that matters,” wrote Ray Mark Rinaldi at The Denver Post. “A tourist needs to be knocked out these days, especially when it comes to hotels.”
Denver will be able to deliver that once these three hotels are finished this coming year.
The 230-room the Renaissance Denver Downtown Center converted the Colorado National Bank building into a boutique hotel with 230 rooms. Stonebridge, a local developer that has worked on other hotels in Denver, is close to completing the project and the hotel will be opening in March. A focal point of the hotel will be the enormous lobby that will feel especially grand, given the volume of rooms and the artwork by Allen Tupper True that was preserved.
The Crawford Hotel at Denver’ historic Union Station is a 112-room hotel named after the area’s famed conservationist, Dana Crawford, and expected to open this summer. Union Station was built in 1894 and is a mix of architectural styles. Renovations over the years have left footprints of various eras that will appear in the hotel’s design motifs. Some rooms will be Victorian, some Art Deco and others lofts.
Since it is within the station, the hotel will be surrounded by shops and offer luxury room service menu created by the locally-owned restaurants in the same building.
The Art, a 165-room contemporary hotel, will be located over three floors above office and retail spaces downtown.
Commonwealth hotels is operating the venture but Lanny Martin, a wealthy Denver resident and chair of the Denver Art Museum, is a partner in the project and Dianne Vanderlip is curating it.

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