Fifteen Things for Art Lovers to Do and See on First Friday Weekend

August 2, 2018 Posted In

Written by Susan Froyd, Westword

First Friday in August is shaping up to be one big party wherever you go, and if that’s not always conducive to art appreciation, there’s still plenty to celebrate in galleries all over town: The Chicano Humanities and Arts Council will show off its new space on the south end of the Art District on Santa Fe, while the Center for Visual Arts anchors the north end with a Party in the Lot. (The art district will also be hosting the migrating Truck Stop Food Truck Rally that night.) Former Denver favorite Bill Amundson will be back in town with new drawings in tow, and emerging artist Julio Alejandro wins it all with work in a trifecta of new shows. Here’s more info, plus a myriad of other artsy things to do.

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