Lower Downtown: Dairy Block #8

May 25, 2016 Posted In

Workers are making good progress on the Dairy Block project in Lower Downtown Denver. Our last update was about two months ago, so let’s check in on this major project.
Below is an updated ground-floor plan, courtesy of McWhinney, the project developer. The yellow areas are retail/restaurant spaces. As you can see, Dairy Block will add a substantial amount of retail space to Lower Downtown, including numerous stores that will front the project’s pedestrian alley and Blake Street passage (blue). The reddish area in the upper right at 19th and Wazee is the project’s hotel, and the entries to the upper-level office spaces are in green. The block of yellow in the lower right at 19th and Blake is the historic Windsor Farm Dairy building, and the block of yellow in the lower left at 18th and Blake are also historic properties. Those historic buildings’ ground-floor spaces will be reconfigured to provide entries facing the street, the alley, and the Blake Street passage.
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