McWhinney and Crop Production Services Blend Productivity and Environmental Responsibility

October 3, 2011 Posted In

LOVELAND, COLO. — October 3, 2011— McWhinney completed the construction of Rangeview Four, headquarters of Crop Production Services, in June of 2010. Crop Production Services purchased the three-story energy efficient building from McWhinney serving as the latest example of both organizations commitment to sustainability. The Rangeview Office Campus at Centerra is now home to four Class-A office buildings, Rangeview One, Rangeview Two, Rangeview Three and Crop Productions Services, all incorporating elements of sustainable building features. Crop Production Services, an 82,000-square-foot Class-A office building, recently obtained Silver certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Core and Shell rating system which is the second LEED Silver Certified building on the Rangeview Office Campus.
The LEED rating system is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings. Located at 3005 Rocky Mountain Avenue, Crop Productions Services’ sustainable features were formally recognized by the USGBC through the Certification process, which is a unique aspect of the LEED for Core and Shell program. Today this building is one of the largest LEED Core and Shell buildings certified in Northern Colorado.
While incorporating standard LEED features under the Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, and Materials and Resources categories, McWhinney constructed the fourth Rangeview office building with an emphasis on tenant health, comfort, productivity and preserving the surrounding natural environment. Temperature, humidity and ventilation comfort design, use of low-emitting volatile organic compound materials, maximum natural lighting and outdoor views, bicycle storage, showers and changing rooms all contribute to healthy, productive tenants.
According to Deb Kleinman, Executive Director of the U.S. Green Building Council – Colorado Chapter, “appropriate seasonal temperature and humidity ranges, combined with adequate levels of ventilation have been shown to increase occupant performance and attendance.” Noting that Rangeview Four exceeds the LEED requirements for providing natural day lighting, Deb added that “recent studies have shown a direct correlation between levels of natural light and occupant productivity. We applaud McWhinney’s commitment to high performance sustainable building practices.”
“Crop Production Services has a high regard for environmental stewardship throughout our geography diverse business, and the building of our new corporate headquarters was very much in support of that stewardship belief. The partnership with McWhinney, on constructing a building that meets the high LEED qualification standards, was fantastic. Both organizations are very proud to be in Northern Colorado and both are certainly focused on the long term viability of the region,” said Kent McDaniel, senior director at Crop Production Services.
The Rangeview Office Campus is located on the edge of Equalizer Lake, which is part of a 275-acre environmental preserve thus further reinforcing McWhinney’s commitment to environmental stewardship. The site design provides ample open space separating buildings from the waterfront, creating environmentally sensitive buffer zones that allow daily commerce and new construction to occur without disrupting adjacent wildlife and natural areas.
“McWhinney is setting a precedent of building green in Northern Colorado with its Rangeview Office Campus,” said Dean Barber, McWhinney’s vice president of development. “The focus of our efforts has been to create an environment to maximize our tenants’ productivity and comfort while being sustainable in our building materials selections, energy efficiency and waste management. The LEED Certification formalizes our commitment, but we practice this commitment to sustainability on all of our development projects. We are all ready working on the next series of Class-A LEED Certified lakefront office space at Centerra.”
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