McWhinney A Leader Trying To Create A Better World

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Chad McWhinney is a leader in real estate with his mind set on a personal mission to create a better world.
“We have a saying that profit always flows to those who add the most value,” said McWhinney.
Chad McWhinney is the CEO and co-founder of the McWhinney real estate company. “Our goal is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary whether it’s the beautiful buildings, whether it’s the miles of walkable trails, our goal is that every customer that we deal with will experience seven to ten extraordinary things,” said McWhinney.
In 1986 he was in 7th grade and his brother Troy was in 5th grade. “We opened up a little roadside strawberry stand near Knoxberry Farm and sold strawberries on the street corner of our grandparents’ mobile home park,” said McWhinney. It all started with one strawberry stand that grew to 28 strawberry stands and then to a full service real estate company.
McWhinney has two main offices in Denver and Loveland but he said it hasn’t been easy.
“My two top strengths are vision and strategy. So being able to see where we should go and coming up with really good ideas but not so strong on getting there,” said McWhinney. He said that he isn’t so good with details, so he surrounded himself with 90 associates at McWhinney who are good with the details. “I would say I’m excited now but I tend to be a lot more reserved,” said McWhinney.
Those challenges have led to being motivated about the educational weaknesses in Colorado and being on the board of Teach For America. “You get a C or a D in something and so much emphasis is put on that, whereas the reality is the stuff you’re getting A’s and B’s in is the stuff you should be developing,” said McWhinney.
“I was taught early on that the single, best, most important thing you can do for your kids is to model the way and be a good parent and the same thing applies to your associates.”
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