Meet Denver’s Art Concierges

December 18, 2018 Posted In

Written by Christine, Deorio, 5280 Home

If you’ve been paying any attention as you’ve passed through Denver’s hotels, theaters, office buildings, and hospitals, you’ve noticed that great art—not those mass-produced abstract watercolors, but bona fide fine art—is popping up everywhere. Behind many of those pieces are Martha Weidmann and Molly Casey, co-founders of Denver-based corporate-art-curation company Nine Dot Arts, who have made it their business to use the power of original art to transform everyday spaces—from hotel lobbies to city blocks—into experiences.

Since founding Nine Dot Arts in 2009, Weidmann and Casey—both formally trained studio artists—have helped clients in more than 33 states and four countries source original works by emerging and established artists from Colorado and around the globe. (Along the way, they’ve helped launch the careers of local favorites Ian Fisher, Sandra Fettingis, and Andrew Ramiro Tirado, to name a few.) Here, the duo dishes on Denver, dream collabs, and what’s next.

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