Now Open: Dairy Block Comes to Life with Kachina Denver and Poka Lola

March 28, 2017 Posted In

By Adam Larkey, Denver Eater

Softly opening this past Saturday, the first dominos of the Dairy Block have fallen with the official launch of Kachina Southwestern Grill and Poka Lola Social Club today, adjacent to the lobby of the new Maven Hotel. Though both destinations have strong themes, neither are kitschy – a delicate line to avoid crossing.

The mixed-use Dairy Block project invites an infusion of pedestrian activity to a portion of Lower Downtown that has historically fallen flat – perhaps a testament to the surplus of surface parking lots. Redefining the lifeless hotel dining concepts of yesteryear, Sage Restaurant Group – who brought Cherry Creek North Departure alongside the Halcyon Hotel last year – aims to draw a diverse crowd of out-of-town guests, local urbanites, sports fans and others to flow through the spaces within the collective project.

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