Seven Grand Is the Cozy Downtown Whiskey Bar You’ve Been Waiting For

October 22, 2018 Posted In

Written by Denise Mickelsen, 5280 Magazine

Drinking at Seven Grand Denver is probably going to feel a bit like glamping. That’s because the just-opened Los Angeles transplant of a whiskey bar is, at its heart, a community-driven pub. But at closer look, its swanky-comfy decor, hospitality-driven service model, and Dairy Block digs make it feel like a whole lot more.

Seven Grand’s motto—“Whiskey for the people”—belies the dive bar side of its personality. Also apropos are the taxidermy animals staring down from almost every wall, the custom plaid carpeting, old fashioned wallpaper, exposed brick, $1-a-game pool tables, Americana juke box, and chalkboard-listed booze offerings.

Elevate each of those homey details and you’ll get a better feel for what’s in store at Seven Grand. The stuffed animals—elk, bear, deer, moose, squirrels—are all natives of the West. There are playful glass curiosity cabinets filled with vintage ceramic spirit bottles and dioramas designed by local artist Bill “Willie” Nelson bearing Molly Brown artifacts. The long walnut bar, rich burgundy leather banquettes, and studded, hand-rolled bar stools gleam under warm brass lighting; crystals bounce their beams off the tops of the pool tables. And boy, do those 450-plus bottles of whiskey shine from their back-lit pillars. Even the carpet, meant to harken to traditional Irish pubs, brings warmth to the space while keeping the acoustics comfortable.

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