Take Your Drink With You? Denver Considers Change To Alcohol Consumption Rules

May 16, 2019 Posted In

“Currently you’re confined to the premises where you bought the beverage,” explained Don Cloutier, General Manager of Dairy Block.

Drinks purchased inside Dairy Block’s Milk Market cannot be taken into the lobby of the neighboring Maven Hotel, or the Dairy Block alley. The proposed permit would change that.

Cloutier saying the common consumption permit would allow people to maximize their time in mixed use developments, without their drink deciding where they can go.

“If you want a cocktail from one place and I want a cocktail from somewhere else, we could get our own and meet in the middle,” said Cloutier.

The Department of Excise and Licenses is still developing the proposal for what would be a five-year pilot program for liquor common consumption in Denver. It would join other Colorado cities such as Fort Collins and Greeley who already offer this option.

With strong protections in place for neighborhoods, the department says this new license could be a positive amenity for communities who want it in Denver.

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