Welcome to Dairy Block

January 23, 2018 Posted In

Written by Morgan Carter, Managing Editor, Dining Out Denver & Boulder

Photo courtesy of Brent Andeck Photography

Over the past few years, downtown Denver has continued to evolve into a new kind of dining destination. It seems our fair city has finally shed its cow town persona. One of the things that differentiates us amidst all the rapid growth is our commitment to preserving history. In Denver, what’s old, it seems, is new again, so visitors and locals alike can venture through the past and explore downtown in a whole new light. This coming spring marks another milestone in the city’s history as a massive development project combining retail, hospitality, and local tastemakers will be on display—all of it centered around the city’s first activated alley. Welcome to Dairy Block.

Situated between Wazee and Blake Streets and 18th and 19th streets, Dairy Block blends the historic side of the city with Denver’s unmistakable entrepreneurial spirit. Built in 1918, the historic red brick building first housed Windsor Dairy Farm in 1920. Cheese, milk, and butter were processed in the building until 1928 when Meadow Gold bought it from the company. Real estate firm Grand American Inc. eventually took hold of the building, owning it for nearly 30 years. A prime real estate for any venture, the space could have easily been torn down and replaced to keep up with the ever-expanding city.

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