What does Top Chef mean for Louisville? We went to Denver to find out

June 12, 2018 Posted In

Written by Dana McMahan, Courier Journal

Louisville has been abuzz with Top Chef sightings and talk as Season 16 of the ever-popular Bravo cooking competition continues to take over the state.

We all want to know where are they filming? Who’s on the show? What food is on the show? Where’s Padma Lakshmi and what is she wearing? What does Top Chef mean for Louisville and our food scene to have a show like that land here?

So many questions!

Most I can’t answer (right now). But we can look to some friends out west for a sneak preview of what might be headed our way. Season 15 of the popular cooking competition filmed in Colorado this time last year and aired over the winter.

Denver-area food writer Allyson Reedy covered the show for the Denver Post and thinks the spotlight may have helped the Mile High City win some national recognition.

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