Dairy Block | Metro Denver

Installation Information

Michael Ortiz a.k.a. “ILLSON” is a multi-disciplinary artist working in Denver, CO specializing in large scale public art, printing in most forms, working in digital platforms, art direction, installation/space activation, and original artwork. Michael’s most current artwork can be seen publicly in certain parts of the world and throughout Colorado. His art can be described as using shapes, some figuratism, and colors composed in his recognizable artistic direction and also throughout the years referred to as colorful, graphical and a mixture of techniques acquired through 20 years of printing and graphic design experience. Born and raised in Pueblo, CO with a humble means, creating art, painting and drawing has always been a prominent direction in Michael’s life. After a couple of attempts to go through a higher learning system Michael decided not to take on massive student debt and to invest his time and take the self taught skills he built through his life and combine them with real life work experiences.