Union Station

Metro Denver

Union Station Art

Union Station’s art collection celebrates the historic building’s lifetime and catalyzes its rebirth as a mixed-use, transit-oriented hub. Curated by NINE dot ARTS, the collection’s eclectic, intermingled mix of artifacts, antiques and artwork documents nearly every decade of the landmark’s existence. Contemporary works by emerging and established Colorado artists blend seamlessly with the other pieces on display as many of the artists reinvent historic processes, techniques, subjects and materials, splicing past and present in unexpected and delightful ways. Like the best personal collections, every piece in Union Station, every corridor, every room tells its own rich and vibrant story.


“Union Station’s art program had to be as storied, as unique, as exciting as the building itself. This collection lives up to the building’s iconic status and brings one of Denver’s cultural landmarks to life.”

– Walter Isenberg President & CEO, Sage Hospitality, Union Station Alliance